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Psychologists - Psychiatrists - Counselors - Therapists - Executive Coaches - Social Workers - Physicians - Chiropractors - Dentists - Podiatrists - Personal Trainers - Certified Public Accountants - Other Professionals

This website is for professionals who would like to be able to accept ATM, check, debit and credit card payments for their services, but do not have their own merchant account for the electronic card transactions.

Our service is economical and very easy to use, without the need of leasing or buying an expensive card terminal. There is no long term contract, and no monthly minimum requirement.

If you are a Healthcare professional, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Marriage and Family Therapist, Social Worker, Professional Counselor, Chiropractor, a Certified Public Accountant or an Attorney practicing in the United States, and would like to use our services, click here to register. If you are in another profession and are interested in using our services, please inquire.

If you are a client of a professional who is a registered member and you would like to make a payment for services, click here to make the payment.

Surprises and Hidden Charges with some Merchant Accounts

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